Welcome to tutor-planner!

Welcome to the documentation of the tutor planner. The tutor planner is a tool used by Internet Network Architectures (INET) of Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) for the module Einführung in die Programmierung (introduction to programming). The module contains a two-week course to introduce new students in programming in C. Each day is filled with lectures, tutorials and computer exercises. This project is used for assigning the tutors to the tasks.

For the course, the tutor planner has a list of tutors, room bookings, target plans and much more information. The project contains a planner that is using Gurobi, a optimization solver for linear programming, to optimize the tutor plans.

The plans can be exported to overall and individual tutor plans, room plans and student tickets.

If you are new to the tutor planner, you might want to look at Getting started. If you are searching for the usage of the planner, you should read Command line interface.


  • Matthias Rost <mrost AT inet.tu-berlin.de>
  • Alexander Elvers <aelvers AT inet.tu-berlin.de>
  • Elias Döhne <edoehne AT inet.tu-berlin.de>